edisonlee55 Network

(Fubuki Network)

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Peering Details

Network Info

AS212425 (Fubuki Network)

HE BGP Toolkit PeeringDB

AS212279 (edisonlee55 Network)

HE BGP Toolkit PeeringDB

Peering Policy

edisonlee55 maintains an open peering policy and does not require a signed contract.

  • Must have a public and routable ASN.
  • Must have an up-to-date PeeringDB entry, including a valid NOC contact.
  • Must maintain valid and up-to-date IRR objects (mnt, aut-num, as-set, route, route6...) in RIR routing registry, RADB, or a RADB-mirrored IRR.
  • Must maintain at least one or more "as-set" IRR objects containing a list of ASNs intended to be advertised, which are used to generate prefix filters.
  • Peering partners should implement industry standard practices and best common practices, including but not limited to BCP-38 (Anti-Spoofing) and route filtering (IRR, RPKI).
  • Accept IXP, tunnel, and physical peering.
  • No SLAs.


Our POPs present in Japan (Tokyo) / Germany (Frankfurt).
Contact us for more details.

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We are glad to partner with SteveYi Network Service (AS60614), where we both share infrastructures and resources.


For peering inquiry:

[email protected]

NOC contact:

[email protected]

Abuse report:

[email protected]



Owner of edisonlee55 Network (Fubuki Network)